Experience isn't a measure of Truth Effectiveness is Better

See Why Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth ―

“Experience isn’t a measure of truth.  Your experience is the sum of your expectations, less the health of your awareness and level of consciousness. Effectiveness is the measure of truth that provides measurable criteria.” ― Guru Tua

Moving Beyond The Tribal Worldview to an Inclusive Worldview

Moving Beyond The Tribal Worldview is a Positive Move

We are in the middle of a clash between paradigms. It’s a tug of war between ideologies.  Most people don’t recognize it because it’s been going on for so long. Learning to recognize and handle this conflict is a necessary skill in our modern world.

Return to Our Natural State of Innocence Overcoming Harmful Beliefs

We Get Free By Overcoming Harmful Beliefs

Children are born in a state of innocence, absent beliefs. It’s our default setting.  Learn how to overcome harmful beliefs and boundaries and return to our original condition. 

Tree Grounding Exercise Connecting with Nature

Simple Tree Grounding Exercise — Connecting with Nature

Connect with a tree, and you connect with your nature. Connecting with nature puts you in touch with your essence, your soul. Then stand there at one as one with creation.  This grounding exercise is easy and beneficial to your health.