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Beware ― The Spider Web of Religion

There are three main spiritual counterfeits on the path. They are like spider webs that seek to trap us. — Guru Tua

If you are a follower of one of the three most popular religions, you don’t think of it as a spider web or mind-trap.  But this web of deceit applies to the 4 billion members of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Beware ― The Web of Religion

Not all religions are harmful. For example, Taoism and many forms of Paganism have the least barriers to becoming a freethinker.  In fact, many Eastern systems encourage personal development and growth.

It is the Eastern traditions that preserve the knowledge of the most powerful meditation techniques.  Almost every ancient culture developed a form of Shamanism using rhythmic sounds to achieve an altered state.  These represent research into consciousness.  They predate the mythologies and superstitions that make up Western religion.

Are You Trapped in a Harmful Religion?

To guard against being caught in these spider webs, we need to be vigilant and resist the hypnotizing affect they have.  The web of religion is the most dangerous.  Once caught in the web of belief, it is difficult to find release from its clutches. — Guru Tua

Are You Trapped By Commercialism?

The web of commercialism and materialism provides only temporary happiness.  It is addictive and will turn you into a corporate slave.  Don’t waste your life this way. — Guru Tua

Are You Trapped By Your Ego?

We need to learn to be the masters of our personalities and instincts.  Learn how to take back the control of your awareness.  Otherwise, we it will make us vulnerable to the web of spiritual counterfeits. Watch out for the taps of religion, false spiritualists and commercialism. — Guru Tua

Don’t Miss the Ultimate Opportunity

You must ask yourself an important question.  Are you taking advantage of this opportunity we call life?  We each have limited time and limited resources, so we must learn to maximize them.

Death is as much a part of this physical body as our birth. Birth and death are points at opposite ends of a finite timeline. We are always moving away from our original birth and towards the end of our physical death. The timeline in between these two points is the opportunity we call life.
Do we take this opportunity to grow? We start as an instinct-driven, personality consumed, self-centered infant.  Then we progress through childhood and adolescence to adulthood.  So, at each stage, we have opportunities to grow spiritually.  Likewise, we must learn to recognize and take advantage of them.  By the time we reach adulthood, we should be ready to explore the limits of consciousness. — Guru Tua

Beware ― The Spiritual Counterfeits

spiritual counterfeits


The most popular religions are the Abrahamic traditions, these include Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  These religions aren’t new, they are the rebranding of Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian mystery religions.  All of their doctrines and practices are copies of these earlier mythologies.  These are counterfeits that lack any substance for the spiritual path.
There are three main spiritual counterfeits on the path. The web of religion, commercialism and the Ego. They are like spider webs that seek to snare and trap us.
They trap your mind, lead you astray, and inhibit growth.  They control you for profit. — Guru Tua
We don’t think of these three things as being similar.  But they are all counterfeits.  Our Ego is a tool of consciousness that our culture promotes in order to control us.  This way they can manipulate us through our Ego, our personalities and instincts. 
We also don’t think of commercialism as a spiritual issue, but it is.  Materialism wants us to buy things to bring us happiness and fulfillment.  But this doesn’t work. 
Religion is the worst of all.  Many see it as spiritual junk food.  It has no spiritual substance.  It lacks any tools for following our inherent desire for spiritual exploration of our consciousness.

Seek Your Personal Spiritual Truth

Seek the facts of your personal truth.  This quest requires you to be brave and fearless. You must lose all the man-made traditions. In exchange for less, and less, and less, of man-made tradition, you receive that which yields you more, and more, and more. Spiritual truth exists.   But it is beyond all man-made traditions. Above all, don’t get caught in the web of religion, commercialism or the Ego. — Guru Tua

Lifeline Perspective

The essence of this perspective is to live life in a way the enables you to keep the big picture in your thoughts.  This helps you to make better decisions based on the long-term impact.  Most importantly, this larger perspective on life will keep you out of the web which will stunt your personal growth.

How do you keep from falling in the web of one of these spiritual counterfeits?  First, enhance your critical thinking skills.  Second, get in touch with your inner wisdom, your intuition.  Third and learn and use as many of the ancient spiritual technologies you can find.

In Conclusion

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