The Universe Looking at Itself

You Are The Universe Looking At Itself

Are we simply a singularity of a universal consciousness?   The Universe looking at itself to experience different life lessons? Whether you realize it.  This idea affects the way you live.

Are You The Universe?

There are a variety of theories around our pre-existence as part of the consciousness of the Universe. Some people believe we have given up our memory or knowledge of our prior existence.  And that we’ve done this in order to have an unbiased and unhampered experience in this time and space.

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself. ― Alan Wilson Watts

Knowledge of Preexistence?

Along with this idea of the prior existence as consciousness or soul, there are several theories that play out in religions around the world. Some believe the knowledge of preexistence includes the idea that we choose life situations.  We select specific situations in which to be born.  This is the universe looking at itself to experience specific life lessons.   We experience life from different perspectives.  In this case, we live our lives following a blueprint.  This is the essence of pre-destination.

Others see our individual life situations as chance encounters and experiences. In this scenario, our lives are just random events, unplanned accidents of creation ruled by chaos. Still, others see it as a kind of card game.  It’s a combination of pre-destination and chaos.  It deals us a random set of cards but then gets to choose how to play the hand. So, the choices are limited, but the outcomes are unlimited.

Some assert Near-Death experiences are the window that proves we possess knowledge of preexistence.  Or that past life regression provides proof our consciousness is transient.

You Are The Universe Looking at Itself!

The Universe Looking at Itself ― Knowledge of Preexistence


So, for most of these theories, it is easy to see why so many people are born into very challenging life situations. Given the choice of an easy, uneventful life, or a life full of challenges which would you choose?

Would you choose a life of wealth and prosperity?  What about a life of fame and fortune?  Or would you choose a more challenging experience?  There is no obvious answer.  Perhaps it really is a spiritual experiment of some sort? No matter which philosophical position you favor, there’s no doubt we are a singular aperture of consciousness.

The question is who is looking?  Is our consciousness unique, or is it part of a collective and our lives are merely the Universe looking at itself?

We each possess four major tools for this great spiritual experiment.  Our toolbox comprises our analytical mind, our intuition our body, and doorways to higher states of consciousness.  However, everyone gets a slightly different set of tools and abilities.   We are all different.  We all have varying intellectual and physical capacities.  Some people can access or slip into higher states more readily than others. Your task is to utilize the tools you have to their fullest potential.

In Conclusion

What are your beliefs around the knowledge of preexistence?  Does our Soul recycle or reincarnate?  Are we nothing more than the universe looking at itself, or are we unique entities?

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