building sacred spaces sacred sites sacred structures

Why we Focus on Building Sacred Spaces

Many traditions focus on building sacred spaces.  As a result, there are many beautiful human-made structures around the world.  Are these buildings an adequate substitute for the sacredness of nature?

Groupthink Theory Group Hypnosis Course with Self-Hypnosis Scripts

Does a Group Hypnosis Course Sound Like Fun?

Are you already taking part in a group hypnosis course and just don’t know it? You may be more familiar with self-hypnosis scripts if you attend a Church, Synagogue, or an Ashram.

how belief overcomes reason

Scary to See How Belief Overcomes Reason

A belief system creates boundaries, and these establish values and restrict thought. See how and why people learn to protect these boundaries regardless of their validity.  Can we overcome this thinking?

Faith Like a Spider Web spiritual spider web

Is Your Faith Like a Spider Web? —

Beware of the three main spiritual spider webs: counterfeits, imitations, and forgeries.  They all originate from the same source.  Do you know what they are?

The Great Spiritual Experiment

What is The Great Spiritual Experiment? ―

What is this experiment? It’s an odyssey conducted within an isolated holographic universe.   It would be best to learn the rules since you are already taking part in this experiment.

Learn the things we should forget and the things we should remember

Learn The Things We Should Forget

We have limited time.  We need to make room for what is essential.  So it is best to learn the things we should forget to make room for the things we should remember.