The 3 Keys The Windows of Awareness

The 3 Keys to The Windows of Awareness

We need to unlock the 3 keys that govern the bandwidth of perception.  Do you know what they are and how to open them?

The Three Windows of Awareness

Our consciousness is like a temple.  Three portals can bring about positive change, reason, intuition, and observational awareness within this temple.

Some think these three windows are contradictory elements.  But reason and intuition are not opposites.  They are complementary tools of consciousness.  Opening both will bring about positive changes in our awareness’s bandwidth, which allows the real observer or our experience to reveal itself.

If you open these three windows of awareness in the right order, you create a chain reaction that propels our mental and spiritual growth. Opening them expands the bandwidth of our perception.  When awareness grows, we increase our capabilities on several levels.

When we increase the bandwidth of reasoning and common sense, we connect to our intuitive powers, improving our self-awareness.  Self-awareness takes us beyond the Ego.  It allows the real Observer of our consciousness to come to the forefront.  The Observer is the awareness we are talking to inside our heads. It’s the real you.

Opening these windows in the right order is the key.  We can’t emphasize the point enough.  By default, these three windows are locked.  They stay that way because of the programming we receive from the cultural narrative.

The 3 keys to open these windows are available to everyone.  However, we need to unlock and open them in the right order.  The first key is opening the mind through the use of logical reasoning.  You unlock the capabilities by studying how arguments are used and misused to sell us everything from toothpaste to ideologies.  Enhancing your critical thinking skills is the key to the power of the analytical mind. Once we unlock and open the analytical mind’s ability, we are ready to unlock the second window.

Intuition is the second window.  Once we have a foundation of common sense, our intuitive mind makes more sense.   When both reasoning and intuition are working together, the third window of awareness opens then Observer can show up.

You don’t have to go anywhere to find these keys.   You don’t need to join a religion.  You most certainly will not find these keys in any of the famous religious texts.  These windows are within your consciousness.

“Truth is not to be found outside. No teacher, no scripture can give it to you. It is inside you and if you wish to attain it, seek your own company. Be with yourself.” ― Osho

The 3 Keys That Expand Awareness

Think of these three windows as an analogy to help you remember these three elements of consciousness.  Unlocking the windows of awareness in the right order is critical.  Don’t skip steps.  Otherwise, you will not achieve the result you desire.

Think of this as a process, like baking a cake.  You need to follow the recipe.  You need to add the right ingredients in the correct order.  Then cook at the right temperature for the right amount of time.  If you follow the recipe, you get something delicious.  If not, you get a mess.

the three windows of awareness


The first of the 3 keys is the window of reasoning.  It begins the expansion process by bringing your analytical capabilities online, enabling common sense and wisdom to shine through.  Common sense and logical reasoning will help you uncover your internal deceptions.  It also allows you to shine your light outward at the right time to the right audience.

Enhancing your critical thinking skills is the first step.  You’ll need to do this before trying to use the other keys.  We’ve divided this key into three tools, logical reasoning, spotting logical fallacies, and the truth-seekers axioms.   Together they will help you determine fact from fiction, theory from mythology.

Using this tool makes unlocking the next window possible. Strange as it may seem, but logic and intuition are not opposites.  They are complementary tools that work together.


The second of these windows of awareness is our intuition.  It’s the ability to discern the hidden with the heart.  The window is the window of unrelenting love.

Intuition is the ability to gain knowledge without proof, evidence receiving answers without conscious reasoning.  Intuition enables insight without understanding how we obtain the knowledge. Different writers give the word intuition different meanings. It ranges from “mystical insight” to” unconscious pattern-recognition.”

The word intuition is often misused or mistranslated as instinct, truth, and belief. However, the word intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri, which means “to contemplate.”  And, so intuition and reason seem to be two different roads? But, perhaps just different paths to the same conclusion?

Once you’ve opened the first window now, you are ready to cultivate your intuition to encourage its growth.  It involves learning to focus on the power of your intention.  Your mind is like a garden.  To get the flowers you want, you must tend the soil.  Then plant the right seeds, water, and weed.

After unlocking the first and second windows, the next one can then open.   When you open the first two windows, you are expanding awareness, which allows the real you to come forward.

Revealing The Observer

The last of the 3 keys is opening the window of the Observer.  This portal allows you to “see” without the interference of personality and instinct.  It’s the window of the Seer and Shaman.  There are several ways to reveal the real you, the person you are talking to inside your head.  It is the “person” who “Sees” all of your experience but is silent and unjudgemental.  Some traditions call this the Soul or Spirit.  We forget the Observer is the one looking out through the “windows of awareness.”

The experience of the Observer is the natural outgrowth of consciousness.  When one meditates, reaching pure consciousness, this window of awareness opens using a process like Japa Meditation. You can also use the commercial version of the technique known worldwide as Transcendental Meditation.  We teach Japa is part of the progression in our blended learning process.

In Conclusion

The analogy of the three windows helps us remember the correct process for expanding awareness.  Unlocking the windows in the proper order is the key.

Analytical reasoning is first—intuition second and then the Observer’s window.  Don’t rush past the first two trying to reach the Eureka experience without the proper grounding in both Reasoning and Intuition.

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