the wall preventing your spiritual growth

The wall preventing your spiritual growth is belief

“The wall preventing your spiritual growth is belief.

Every belief system has parameters, boundaries, limitations, … walls. Some belief systems have more boundaries than others.  If you are not progressing in your spiritual walk, check out your beliefs. Beliefs are the wall that’s holding you back.” — Guru Tua
Why is Belief a Wall Preventing your spiritual growth?

Many people who ascribe to a religion, don’t see it as a wall.  They see the wall as something that provides answers.  Answers which belay their fears about the unknown.  Mostly, this relates to death.  So, religion gives them answers to this.  Also, it enables people to focus on the Afterlife.  This is especially helpful if their life isn’t fulfilling.  In this way, they can focus on the hereafter.   Hence, the wall preventing your spiritual growth is belief.

Many people compare religion to the fast-food of spirituality.  Like fast-food, religion is readily available.  It tastes good to the ego, but it has no spiritual nutrition. Like fast-food, religion is habit-forming.  Always promising to fulfill a need it can never meet.  Religion requires frequent visits and demands your financial support.  Your spiritual need cannot be quenched by the dogma of religion.  But, you become addicted to cultural programming.

Not all Religions are the Same

All of the great teachers, sages, and avatars of the ages have repeated this message again and again only to have religions were created in their names. There are more religions created every day. Learn to grow your own spiritual food and feed yourself.

Religion represents the single most influential social institution behind the programming of bias and prejudice.  However, not all religions are harmful.  Only those that create boundaries and restrictions dictating values and thought.  As a result, these are harmful because they adversely affect our ability to reason.  Some religions have more boundaries than others.

For example, Taoism and many forms of Paganism have the fewest constraints over freethinking. With these systems, you are free to explore and develop your own path. Whereas, most sects of The  Abrahamic religions (The Western organized religions of Semitic origin, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have the greatest number of boundaries. So, step one is admitting that this cultural filter exists and that it is inherently harmful.  If you admit that the programming exists, but think it’s okay then you really are still under the influence of the brainwashing.

Brainwashing is a method of systematic indoctrination.  Brainwashing can be overt or covertly employed. It all depends on the amount of time and level of emotional attachment one has to the programming.  Propaganda, mentioned earlier, is a form of covert brainwashing. Brainwashing creates the wall preventing your spiritual growth.  It takes a lot of effort and unbelief in facts to maintain belief in mythology.

The Tendency of the Mind
“If you have a belief and you come against an experience which the belief says is not possible, or, the experience is such that you have to drop the belief, what are you going to choose — the belief or the experience? The tendency of the mind is to choose the belief, to forget about the experience. That’s how you have been missing opportunities when God has knocked at your door.” — Osho
The Problem with the Easy Way Out
It’s important to remember the tendency of the mind is to believe because it’s the easy way out. But, there’s no question about it, our reality is ever-changing.  Every day we awake to a new day.  So, the easy way out is staying behind the wall.  It creates a blind spot of perception.  And, physical reality is but a shadow representation of the spiritual. If your beliefs about spiritual reality are not able to grow and change then you are facing a wall preventing your spiritual growth.  Once you’ve reached the boundaries of your spiritual wall you cease to grow.  Your spirit, your consciousness cannot grow to greater revelations unless you climb the wall, go around the wall, or bring the wall down. So, no doubt about it, the wall preventing your spiritual growth is called belief.  There are two time-trusted ways to break the addiction to cultural programming.
The Antidote to beliefs Preventing Your Spiritual Growth
One way to overcome this is through the study of logic.  Enhancing your critical thinking capabilities will help you to break the habit of religion. The critical thinking toolkit includes logical reasoning, logical axioms, and lastly the tools for spotting logical fallacy.   More than likely these tools will direct you to conduct your own research using sources from outside the religious paradigm you currently hold.  You’ll be well on your way to determining fact from fiction.  Then, resist the prejudice and bias in any way that you can do so within your circle of influence.  Questioning the cultural narrative takes courage.  Be measured and safe in your resistance.
Another way is to engage in genuine spiritual exploration.  You do this by employing the ancient spiritual technologies for expanding awareness and opening the doors of consciousness. What are Spiritual Technologies?
What are Spiritual Technologies?

In essence, spiritual technologies are methods of developing your potential.  In short, these mental tools focus on expanding awareness and consciousness.  And, these processes stand up to the test of science – repeatable and measurable. Anyone can use them. It’s like baking a cake. If you follow the directions, you get something delicious. We call the practice of these processes Spiritual Exploration.

Of course, there are several ways to list these processes. It’s important to note some of these tools could easily be in more than one category:

  • Logical reasoning is one of the first tools we study. This includes the companion tools, spotting logical fallacies and logical axioms.   Above all, these are essential tools for any spiritual explorer.  They are able to sharpen your ability to discern fact from fiction.
  • Another important basic toolset is the “inner work” methods like The Enneagram Personality Profile.  These help us to understand the mechanisms of Ego, personality, and instincts. They also provide a doorway to understanding the virtues and gifts of the spirit.
  • Progressions of seated meditation are the heart of the practice.  This includes a range from Basic Mindfulness Meditation through Japa Meditation and the Siddhis of Patanjali.
  • Next, progressions of moving meditation. For instance, several methods of energy collection, like Forest Bathing, Qigong, and Tai Chi.
  • Awareness and consciousness expansion pathways such as  Lucid Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey or Guided Meditation.
  • And last but not least, several healing modalities, such as Reiki, and Shiatsu.
In Conclusion

If this article resonates, there are more on our blog.  Also, you may be interested in learning about our blended learning process.  This is our curriculum which we use to teach several mind-expanding tools.  It also aligns the Hero’s Journey.  This is the term Joseph Campbell gave the pattern of consciousness development.  Our learning process is available in two forms.  You can take part in the virtual learning module or in our workshops.

While you are here please also check out our page FAQ for information about our mission.  And, please consider donating to support our mission of providing these ancient spiritual development tools.

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