How to Prove Spirit Exists — Proving Our Soul Exists

Does Spirit Exist? — Proofs for the Human Spirit

Can we prove that Spirit exists?  Does the Soul exist? If so, how do we do it?

The Proofs for the Human Spirit

Proving our spirit exists has important implications. One of the earliest intellectual quests of man was how to prove spirit exists.  It is probably one of the main reasons for man’s interest in the exploration of human consciousness.  The implications of death prompt us to seek answers to who and what we are.  At the core of this question is proving the soul or spirit exists.  Are we more than a temporary entity? It all leads back to our initial question, does Spirit exist?

Immanuel Kant provides a critical observation that everything we experience occurs in the mind.  So, the mind is the landscape where we find all proofs.

The proofs for the human spirit fall into three basic categories.  The Philosophical proof which relates to the way we define the terms involving Sprit and Soul.   The next is the Experiental proof. This proof shows how a common experience of non-ordinary consciousness provides a foundation for the existence beyond waking, dreaming, and sleep states.  The third proof is the scientific link between light, vibration and consciousness.

Does Spirit Exist? — Proofs for the Human Spirit

Philosophical Proof — The Infinite Observer

Does Spirit exist? To find a probable answer, let’s start by defining the terms. Many traditions use the term Soul interchangeably with Spirit.  So, proving that spirit exists is the same as proving the Soul exists.

Let’s take it a step further.  Many people know the Spirit the Observer.  The Observer is the person you talk to inside your head.  It’s that thread of awareness that experiences your dreams. Our awareness is consciousness made conscious.

So, the terms Consciousness, Soul, Spirit, and Observer are ways of describing the same thing.  We think this is a reasonable conclusion.  This is the first proof that Spirit our Soul exists.

Does spirit exist based on this proof alone?  Many early researchers thought so.  And, the early pioneers of psychology, like Carl Jung.  He uses the term collective unconscious as structures of the unconscious mind that we share with all beings of the same species.

We can discount the assertions of religious mythology and its superstitions regarding life after death.  Mythology is not a proof.  We can also discount near-death experiences. These experiences always reflect the dominant cultural narrative of the individual, these vary from culture to culture.  So, although these experiences are interesting they don’t prove the existence of Soul or Spirit.  We would need a common experiential element.

What we need is a common experiential element that transcends cultural and societal boundaries.  This leads us to the experiential proofs.

Experiential Proofs — Non-Ordinary Realities

how to prove spirit exists

Shamanic State of Consciousness

This state is probably the most ancient form of spiritual practice known commonly as the Shamanic Journey. Michael Harner, an anthropologist, calls this the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC).  In this state, the brainwaves are in the theta-wave area around 4 to 7Hz.

Besides being self-aware, you project yourself into a “visionary state” of consciousness. You are both the director and participant within a landscape of non-ordinary reality.  So, SSC is like other higher states such as transcendental consciousness.  Thus, it differs in significant ways from our default states of waking, sleeping, and dreaming.

This spiritual technology has similarities across many cultures around the globe and also more than likely the source of modern religion. Additionally, we see modern versions re-branding this experience, such as is found in “creative visualization” methods. The Shamanic State of Consciousness is significant for several characteristics.

Transcendental Consciousness

Transcendental Consciousness is known by several names including the 4th state, pure or bliss state of consciousness.  This is a partition of consciousness with specific metabolic characteristics, including increased coherence of brainwave pattern and brain frequency operation in the theta-wave area around 4 to 7 Hz.

More importantly, this state is most notable for its profound state of rest while the mind remains alert but without thought. The experience of those who reach this state is one that scholars and teachers from Joseph Campbell to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describe as a state of bliss consciousness because the individual is self-aware without having the normal inner dialogue. In this state, the practitioner’s awareness expands. Many use Japa Meditation or Transcendental Meditation TM to attain this state of bliss consciousness.

These non-ordinary states of consciousness provide important proofs for the human spirit as a separate entity.  They show a common thread of experience that transcends all social and cultural boundaries.  It shows that other states of consciousness are universal.  And, they are measurable as frequency, which leads us to the next proof.

Scientific Proof — Vibration and Consciousness

We measure sound in terms of vibrational frequencies.  We can break light down to a wavelength of separate vibrational frequencies. Using an EEG (electroencephalograph), we can measure our consciousness in the same way, as a modulating frequency.  In this way, frequency is a way of expressing consciousness.

proving the soul or spirit exists

Since all matter has a vibrational frequency, all matter is conscious in some way.  This correlates with physics.  Hence, everything in the Universe possesses the inherent characteristics of what we call Spirit.  In that case, we can prove the existence of Spirit.

Does Spirit Exist?

We think the three proofs for the human spirit show convincing evidence.  How to prove spirit exists to someone who already believes it does not is a harder task.  What do you think?

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