befriending a wild horse

Befriending a Wild Horse — Meditation Troubleshooting Strategy

Learning to meditate correctly is important.  If you learn to meditate like befriending a wild horse then the process becomes easy.   

Meditation Troubleshooting Strategy

Most people realize meditation has important benefits. However, the practice of
Meditation can a source of frustration. It is much like attempting to train a wild horse. There are two different approaches to this task. First, let’s talk about the most common issues with learning to meditate.

The Most Common Issues with Meditation

The common issues most have in Meditation are; an avalanche of thoughts and emotions. Sometimes the practice can become boring.  This makes you sleepy.  If you have an overactive mind, you can become restlessness. Since we don’t normally draw our mind’s attention to the body or breath, we can experience frustration. Perhaps even difficulty breathing.  We also don’t place our attention on our posture.  So, we can also notice pain here and there we didn’t realize we had.

If the practice involves a mantra or sutra, then in addition to the above the practitioner can become anxious over “doing it right,” or getting off track. There can also be external distractions, noise, temperature, etc.  And, then we have all those unmet expectations of what this experience is supposed to be.

Breaking a Wild Horse

Our first option is brute force.  Break the wild horse.  When you take this approach it will buck and jump and you just ride the rough ride and break the will of the beast. Sadly, this approach doesn’t work well with the mind. Although this is the tactic used by armies to break the will of new recruits.  You aren’t trying to break the mind down.  You want to build it up.  So, we don’t suggest using the brute force approach.  Why, because just like a wild horse, when you aren’t forcing it, then it runs wild.  You are back to the common issues mentioned above.

A better, or gentler approach is recommended for befriending the conscious mind to focus awareness in ways in which it is not accustomed.

Befriending a Wild Horse

The most effective and powerful strategies are always the best. It is the same for befriending a wild horse or befriending the mind. For the above list of issues there exists one common antidote. Whenever you recognize that you are having any of the above distractions, discomforts or issues, gently return the awareness back from the thought, feeling or emotion. If the issue persists, gently return the awareness back. Keep using gentleness and the conscious mind will respond.

Remember, the mind is like a wild horse. The easiest way to train a wild horse is with persistent gentleness, not brute force. You don’t want to “break” the horse (mind).  Instead,  you want to guide it in the direction you desire. Over time your mind, like the wild horse, will respond to your gentleness.  It will respond to your gentleness and go in the direction you want it to.  It will learn to follow your lead.  Meditation becomes very easy.  All you need to do is set the intention.  The mind will start the mediation process because it’s a pleasant one.  Even the hyperactive wild horse mind will like this approach.

If you use a Mantra then apply it with gentleness.  Always, always approach the process without force.  Meditation needs to be easy.  The mind likes smooth.  And, it will naturally return to the path of least resistance.  If and when you find yourself off track, gently return to the process. So, remember, the meditation is like befriending a wild horse.  Be gentle.  Take it easy.

In Conclusion

Befriending a wild horse meditation troubleshooting guide is one of the best practices for seated or moving forms of meditation.

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