Spiritual Health Spiritual Energy = Chakra Energy Centers

Spiritual Health & Spiritual Energy = Chakra Energy Centers

There are seven energy centers along the spine known as Chakras.  Activating these is the key to opening awareness, entering higher states of consciousness.  It’s also the source of energy for enhancing our health and wellness. Learn how to use them to enrich your life.

Spiritual Health = Spiritual Energy

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel or circle’. It also has an Indo-European base meaning “to turn”.  These are junction points that send energy throughout the body.

Our spiritual wellbeing affects our physical and mental health.  Our spiritual mindset is the result of our thinking.  If we change our thinking, it affects our attitude.  Both are energy and it’s a dynamic energy that can facilitate healing of mind body and soul.

Chakra Energy Centers

We can measure the electric current of our bodies.  This energy runs through the main conductor of the spine.  Along the spine, there are seven main junction points or centers.  These are important physical energy junctions.

You’ll find many spiritual practices use these centers, either directly or indirectly.  Most spiritual practices start with grounding.  When you are grounded, you are ready to begin.  Grounding takes place when our energy is in alignment.

It is therefore practical to start with the center closest to the Earth and work our way up the spine.   You’ll find this theory in almost every form of natural healing.   But it is also the practice with other technologies such as Tai Chi and the Enneagram Personality Profile.  And the reason for this is simple.  Everything works better when it has a foundation.  These chakra energy centers respond to the needs of the body sending where needed.

Even if you’re not engaging in advanced spiritual practices, you can still benefit. You can learn to understand activate them.  This knowledge helps us to manage our overall health and wellness.  First of all, we need to realize our consciousness is spiritual energy.  We cannot confine consciousness to the brain.  It’s something much more mysterious, mystical, and spiritual in nature. This perspective isn’t new.  It’s the basis of many ancient forms of healing and consciousness exploration.

So, working our way from the bottom up…

1st Chakra “Muladhara”

The first energy center is Muladhara, “I am,” or the “base”. It’s located in the perineum, the lowest point in our body.  We associate it with the color red. This one is all about the self-preservation instinct, survival, and stability.  This center nurtures our most basic needs and desires, first and foremost the desire to live.

“I am” as a starting point which correlates well as the first step with many spiritual practices.  For example, many meditative practices start with grounding and centering.  It’s also the first step in the study of many intellectual approaches like The Enneagram.  This is the root of the tree.  It is one of the main chakra energy centers.  This is because it roots the body and the soul to the Earth.  We are part of nature and ultimately, we draw our energy from the Earth.  It’s our connection to our physical vitality and endurance.  For this reason, it’s key to our physical and spiritual health and wellness.

Eastern health practitioners find many of our health problems are because of misalignment with this center.  Kundalini Yoga is a practice that helps to restore this alignment.  It focuses on promoting the flow of energy up the spine.  And, it begins with aligning and releasing the energy from this junction.

2nd Chakra “Svadhisthana”

Second, “I feel,” most associate it with the color orange.  It’s located beneath the navel. This is the center of your larger-than-life passions such as dreams, ambitions, and fantasies. This energy portal is the emotional and sexual center of the soul, a fountain of universal energy. It’s your strong link to the world, which bonds you to your loved ones.

Many people confuse this bond with the heart.  However, this is different.  So, think of it more like the protective “love instinct” bees have for their queen bee.  But, this is also why this is one of the spiritual energy centers which is key to the practice of Shamanic Journey.  Our imagination and dreams derive their power here.

3rd Chakra “Manipura”

Third, “I do,” Manipura is the solar plexus.   This is the tender spot just below the junction of the rib cage.  If you are stuck in this center from the front, it will deflate your lungs. Its color is yellow.  This is our center of personal strength, learning, and comprehension. It is the center of our social instinct and social interaction.

Of all the spiritual energy centers, this one is where we find our sense of self, and awareness of others. It helps us recognize set healthy personal boundaries and self-esteem.  “I do” is the source of our willpower. The ability to bring change into our lives and to the world is born within this center.

4th Chakra “Anahata”

Fourth, “I love,” This is the heart center.  Anahata is associated with the color Green. You find it in the middle of the chest just above the physical heart. This is believed to be the center of all emotions. As such, it also channels anger, hate, vulnerability, anxiety, and dependency.   It also channels unconditional love, compassion, friendliness, and healthy self-love.  So, this center has a huge impact on our spiritual health.

If the 5th and 6th centers are open and functioning, then this center can connect everything together mind, heart, soul, and body. The heart center is the home of our empathy and connection for other people, animals, and the environment.

5th Chakra “Visuddha”

Fifth, “I Speak,” Visuddha, we find this center at the base of the throat.  We also associate it with the Adam’s apple.  Blue is the color we associate with this spiritual energy center. This is the gate to a truthful existence and the communication center of the body.  It is the center that handles all messages both internal and external.

This is why what we think and say is so important.  When we have thought, it plants a seed.  So, we want to make sure our thoughts are not harmful to ourselves or others.  When we speak these vibrations go out into the universe.  They bounce back in the form of Karmic returns.

Some believe even the thoughts of the mind go through this center. Through the throat we voice (think) our opinions, beliefs, and truths, express the self, and try to make sense of this world. Speech can inspire others and add to the flow of mutual influence.  It is also the voice that can make vehicles like Mantras and Sutras powerful.

6th Chakra “Ajna”

Sixth, “I See,” Ajna, is the “third eye.” This energy center is found in the center of the forehead. The color indigo is its trademark.  This center is responsible for what we refer to as “the sixth sense.” As such, it connects our intuition, mystical, and logical mind centers altogether. It is the center through which perception is thought to manifest.  Hence, we need to be mindful to clean this center regularly.  It’s what protects us against subliminal social and cultural programming.

There are methods for opening the third-eye of perception.  However, these not for the beginner.  Be careful, because once open it can not be closed.

7th Chakra “Sahasrara”

Seventh, “I understand,” is Sahasrara, the crown.  It’s not part of our physical body.  This center is found just above the head.   And, is thought to be the center of pure consciousness, wisdom, sacredness, and wholeness.  Through this portal, we are connecting our Soul to the Universe. So, it’s the gateway enabling the expression of higher states of consciousness.

People associate the color white with the crown chakra. Because of this, it’s not surprising to see a “halo” of white light in pictures of great spiritual teachers.  Of the spiritual energy centers, this is the one is which connects us to the Universe.  Consequently, this connection makes several miraculous things possible. It opens us up to energy which makes many types of healing modalities powerful.  And, it’s the gateway to higher states of consciousness.  But, for these things to happen, all the other chakra energy centers must be opening and functioning.

The Connection with Spiritual Technologies

Everyone is different. So, everyone has their own way of awakening and activating the healing energies of the body.  Medicines do this by aligning with the healing properties already in the body.  Many of the healing arts of the East combine Western and Eastern medicine. They find that this holistic approach works well together.

Spiritual Technologies

Spiritual technologies are tools for exploring consciousness.  They result from generations of research by cultures around the world. These processes stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable and measurable.  Everyone who can follow a process can use these tools. We call the practice of these processes spiritual exploration.
You can list these tools in several ways. Some fall into more than one group.   We like this simple method of grouping.

Critical Thinking

The first group is several analytical tools to enhance critical thinking. The Enneagram Personality Profile is the first tool of our blended learning process. This tool provides insight into the mechanisms of ego, personality, and instinct. Logical reasoning, spotting logical fallacies, and logical axioms. These are the three major tools of logical reasoning. This helps you to avoid common mistakes in assessing information.
Next, a research tool we call Comparative analysis.  This is a process to help us explore and compare belief systems.  This process is a scientific process form of comparative religious studies. Together these analytical tools give a solid foundation of common sense thinking. They sharpen your ability to discern facts from fiction.

Seated Meditation

Seated meditation is the heart of most spiritual practices. This includes a wide range of meditation techniques. It starts with Beginning Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation. It progresses to more advanced forms like Japa Meditation the Siddhis of Patanjali.

Moving Meditation

This is another foundational element that strengthens the mind-body connection. Moving meditation is also to our health and wellness.  This progression includes several methods of energy collection. Here we teach Forest Bathing, Qigong, and Tai Chi. It also includes more contemporary processes for grounding, like Tree Grounding and Sun Gazing.

Awareness Expansion

Pathways for expanding awareness include a variety of tools. This group includes practical tools like the spiritual journal and automatic writing. Here we introduce lucid dreaming, the Shamanic Journey, or Guided Meditation. There are also techniques for third-eye awakening and soul memory awareness.

Healing Practices

Healing practices are the last group.  This branch includes Pe Jet, Reiki, and Shiatsu.  Self-care is an important element of this group. It is vital for normalizing our inner work and maintaining our health and wellness.

In Conclusion

Most of the ancient process for expanding awareness involves chakras.   So, exploring consciousness not only fulfills our innate desire for the inner quest, but it also heals. In fact, our physical and spiritual health work together.

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