Mind Hack for Expanding Awareness

The Best Mind Hack For Expanding Awareness

Why would you want to expand your awareness? Because awareness controls perception.  To gain greater perception, we must increase awareness. So, here’s one of the best mind hacks to increase awareness.

Mind hacks are formulas or mental shortcuts that produce results.  The world needs people with greater awareness.

“Awareness is a precious commodity. It’s the measure of our wakefulness and the bandwidth of perception.  You progress to higher ranges of awareness by practicing techniques that expand awareness, not by following a religion.” — Guru Tua

Mind Hack For Expanding Awareness

Our mind is like the wilderness.  So, we need to tend to our awareness in the same we do the environment.  If we pollute or damage the environment, plants won’t grow.  Animals cannot use it.  If they do, then they become sick and die.  Cleaning up pollution takes more effort than keeping it free of toxic materials. But once it is polluted, we need to clean it up if we want to use it safely.

Awareness is the conduit that governs our capacity for perception.  It affects our ability to think and reason.  So, expanding awareness is vital to our overall health and wellness.  A narrow mindset is susceptible to the power of groupthink manipulation and suggestion.  It becomes easy to program distorted thinking, values, and beliefs.

Our dominant cultural narratives pollute our thinking by programming damaging racial, ethnic, and religious bias and prejudice. This kind of programming promotes greed and the justification for hate.  The three most popular religions of the Abrahamic tree spread this propaganda.  The three branches of Abrahamic religions the Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

The Abrahamic religions (1) boast a total membership of over 4 billion people. And like toxins in the wilderness, when we do nothing about it, the damage gets worse.  To stop the spreading of mythology and superstition, we need to increase awareness’s bandwidth.  Otherwise, people will remain narrow-minded.

Being awake is a function of awareness; it has nothing to do with intelligence.  Awareness is the bandwidth of cognitive function.  Some people have a more extraordinary ability to perceive, observe and understand.  Many people live their lives with a narrow bandwidth of awareness.  Others awaken.  Some people awaken a little at a time.  Others awaken in great leaps and bounds.  The measure of wakefulness is the degree to which we are awake.  We can determine the degree to which we are awake by “how we perceive” ourselves and the world.

All perception takes place in the mind. We have input from both internal and external sources.  Some internal measures of wakefulness are present in the degree to which we are in touch with intuition, the creative impulse, and wisdom.  Our ability to perceive is in direct proportion to awareness, and this includes our ability to sense the emotions of other people and places.

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Our measure of wakefulness depends on the clarity of our thinking.  When we base our worldview on greed, bias, and prejudice, these values overshadow our thinking.  Our conscience goes to sleep.

Awareness is Our Reality

Our awareness is what determines our reality.  Everything we experience happens within our minds.  What we perceive reflects the health of our awareness.  Awareness is on a continuum, a bandwidth of perception. On one end are people who are asleep.  They live controlled by the dominant cultural narrative.  On the other end of the continuum are those we call enlightened.

Awareness expands or contracts depending on the clarity of your mind.  We can develop it so that we can perceive more.  For example, when most people dream, they do not realize they are dreaming.  But people who learn lucid dreaming perceive that they are dreaming.  Their perception expands and includes the act of dreaming and their ability to see and control the dream.  It is why awareness is such a precious commodity.  Expanding our perception increases our measure of wakefulness.

How Culture Affects Awareness

In our analogy of the wilderness and the mind, nature cannot recover if we keep polluting the environment—the same with the mind and our awareness.  The pollution of an unhealthy culture distorts the bandwidth of perception and cognition.   We cannot repair this harmful mindset if we keep polluting it.

A worldview is unhealthy if it uses groupthink manipulation tactics to install bias and prejudice; this is “mind” pollution.  Almost everyone is subject to massive amounts of this negative cultural programming.  Most of this harmful programming comes under the guise of religion.  It keeps us from expanding our range of perception.

Many people do not have the choice of what they believe.  Our family and culture often indoctrinate children and those who are vulnerable. But each of us has the responsibility to fix this programming if it contains bias and prejudice.

Mind Hack Determining Wakefulness

The cultural narrative plays a considerable role in supporting the health of thinking and values. If it supports freethinking, it can contribute to our growth and expansion of awareness.  But, if the cultural narrative promotes negative bias and prejudiced thinking, it will reduce our awareness.    You can tell where you are on this continuum by asking yourself some questions.

    • Does the belief structure promote or cause you fear or anger?
    • Do you feel you need to defend your beliefs about spiritual reality?
    • Do your beliefs contain elements harmful to you, others, or the environment?  Does it include justification for harming or discriminating against others?
    • If your belief system has a hierarchy, does this promote more value or human rights for specific classes, ethnicities, or genders?  In short, does it value some people more than others?
    • Do your beliefs place boundaries on what you can think, what you value, what you can do?  If so, are these boundaries applicable to everyone, or are some exempt?
    • If there are boundaries, are they around what you can believe about physical or spiritual reality?
    • Are there boundaries for what is an acceptable spiritual practice? Are you permitted to create your path of spiritual exploration?

An affirmative answer to any of these questions means you are subject to structures harmful to your awareness’s health.  You have two choices.

Vital Choices Are The Next Steps

You have two choices.

1) Ignore your conscience.  Ignore the evidence that exposes the cultural narrative’s truth and then go back to sleep.

2) the second choice is to push back and expand your awareness.  Use this mind hack to raise your awareness as your situation allows.

Suppose you want to be more awake good for you!  Be prudent.  Many cultures are oppressive and restrictive.  Working on the expansion of awareness may need to be a private endeavor.  Sadly, there are societies where it is not safe to be a freethinker.  Oppressive cultures exist around the globe.  People think that the West is a bastion of freedom and tolerance for all backgrounds.   Perhaps this was the case long ago.  However, even in North America, one needs to be cautious and prudent.

How To Promote the Expansion of Awareness

Here are some practical things you can do if you want to increase the bandwidth of perception by expanding awareness.

    • Eliminate or at least minimize your contact with the major mainstream news media.  If you have a habit of watching news make sure you use independent and unbiased sources.  Stay away from TV programs that are known for biased news, such as Fox News.
    • Study and use the analytical tools of logical reasoning, which will help you spot the misuse of arguments.
    • Eliminate your exposure to voluntary social and cultural programming.  It is essential, but it’s hard to do since most exposure comes under the guise of accepted religious dogma.  Western Organized Religion is the cause of this pollution. These are the Semitic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. 

In Conclusion

Expanding awareness is a mind hack that anyone can use.  All it takes is a little time and attention.   Ask yourself the hard questions.  Then decide if you are willing to make the necessary changes in your thinking.  It starts with eliminating the negative programming.  Then find other people who want to develop and expand their awareness.  Be mindful of those who only want to hold you back.

We can increase our ability to perceive if we nurture it correctly.  Practice any form of seated or moving meditation that expands awareness.   If we want to see ourselves and the world more clearly, we need to increase our perception bandwidth.

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