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Power Times ― Twilight Windows

The sunrise and the sunset are energy “power times”.  So, there are good reasons why you find yourself drawn to these special times of the day.

Many people love to watch the rising and the setting sun.  These are two major “power time” events which happen every day. At these two junctures, some people can literally feel the change of energy.  Some people like sunrises and others prefer sunsets. Still, others are equally impressed by both solar events.

The spiritual meaning of the power times

Mystics and Sages write poems about these celestial events.  Much of early mythology focuses on alignment with these events.  All of the Sun-God mythologies are based on the death and resurrection of the Sun.  For this reason, many ancient structures are built facing either East or West.   There are specific rituals and rites which are conducted during these “power times”.  It is obvious that many cultures found significance in these daily changes.  In essence, these daily events are energy portals.  Along with the changing light they are also a continuous magnetic wave.

Everyone enjoys the fleeting beauty of a sunset or sunrise.  A lot of people find deep significance in these moments.  Some people are drawn more to one time of day than the other.   It doesn’t matter to some.  There are of course some people who could care less.  There are reasons for all of these preferences.

Sun Gazing

Sun gazing is an ancient practice.  It is found in cultures around the globe. First of all, it is done during twilight time when the sun is rising or setting. This is when Ultraviolet rays are at their lowest. So, the safe window for Sun Gazing is anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending upon the time of year.  During the summer the window is shorter because the Sun is more intense.  Above all one needs to gaze using your peripheral vision. Otherwise, you can cause permanent damage to the retina which could cause blindness.

Why would you Sun Gaze since there is the potential for damaging the eyes?  It is said that one can exist without food through the practice of Sun Gazing.  There are some claims but the only real evidence are those who have died from starvation or dehydration.  So, we think these traditions are more unreliable pseudoscience.  However, there are some less dangerous reasons for gazing during twilight power times.

Developing your own ritual

Walking your path is an important aspect of spiritual exploration.  Some people find that part of this involves developing your own spiritual rituals.  Rituals are an important way to focus your intent and summon confidence which is needed to overcome life’s obstacles.  Some people use the moon and its cycles as a focal point.  However, the power times of the sunset and sunrise are perfect focal points because you have two opportunities every day.  Perhaps this is why religions use them?

We are not suggesting that you start your own religion.  There are already plenty of mythologies without the need for any more.  What are suggesting is that you use these power times as a focus when the opportunity arises.   When you can go outside during the sunrise and sunset.  Give thanks to your ancestors and the Earth.  Practice some form of moving meditation.  Make it a special time.  It will help your attitude and overall health and wellness.

In Conclusion

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