Intelligence Is No Match For Self Hypnosis

Intelligence Is No Match For Self Hypnosis

To awaken, one must realize that one is in a state of sleep, a state of self hypnosis. — George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

And, in order to realize that one is indeed in a state of sleep, one must fully recognize and understand the nature of the forces, which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis. It is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from the very source which you induce the hypnosis.
— George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff makes several good points about the state of sleep he calls hypnosis.  He tells us we must realize or admit we are asleep.  But to awaken we must remove ourselves from the source that is producing the hypnotic effect.  Then replace the harmful programming.

Group Hypnosis And Self Hypnosis

Intelligence is not a safeguard against the hypnotic power of groupthink manipulation tactics.  The more one exposes themselves, the more susceptible they are to suggestion.  It is a slippery slope that leads to more extreme beliefs and harmful ideologies. Even the most intelligent person will succumb to these tactics.

For this type of programming to work, you need to indoctrinate people often.  Repetition of false assumptions is the essence of the technique.  You establish mythology as fact.  You keep repeating the premises until it is accepted as fact.

Groupthink manipulation is also known as group hypnosis.  This is because the effect of these tactics performs exactly like hypnosis.  Then the individual reinforces this type of propaganda and it becomes self hypnosis.  The individual must overcome their own rational thought processes and learn to ignore facts that threaten their beliefs.

Many people begin indoctrination as children.  Children are easy to program, they trust their families and caregivers.  People who are vulnerable are also at risk.  That is because people who are vulnerable are looking for answers to major life problems.  The tactics of group hypnosis placate them and make them customers.

The Hypnotic Power of Irrational Belief

irrational belief hypnotic power group hypnosis

Religion confuses confidence with faith and belief.  We have confidence in the sun rising each day because we have evidence to support this probability.  They require belief and faith belief for things that have no credible proof.  The best liers are those who sincerely believe the lie is the truth.  So, they develop “apologetics” to justify factual and logical inconsistencies.  They use circular logic to justify illogical arguments.  But it works because they repeat it until they accept it.

This type of propaganda eventually overcomes rational thinking. These techniques were developed eons ago by the mystery religions of Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, and Persia. They are just as effective today.  They can be used to install any value or behavior.

Groupthink manipulation leads to irrational thinking.  This makes programming easier.  Group hypnosis uses irrational belief as a foundation for unhealthy bias and prejudice.  It uses fear and greed as motivators.  It preys on our existential fear of death, selling the afterlife.  Belief in things that don’t exist includes an imaginary friend battling an imaginary enemy.  The hypnotic power of faith can overcome intelligence, facts, and logic.

All of this leads to irrational thinking, which lacks common sense and sound reasoning?  It results in poor judgment.  Irrational beliefs are those that have no proof or basis in logic and reason. They need faith to substantiate their beliefs because they are irrational and baseless. Faith and belief are the tools of self hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is the bedrock of Western organized religion.  These are the religions of Semitic origin, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  These religions are the rebranding of the aforementioned mystery religions.  They created nothing new.  They simply took the tools that were already developed. These religions are the major source of the hypnotic state Gurdjieff talks about.   The Semitic religions could not exist without using self hypnosis to overcome common sense reasoning.

The Hypnotic Power of Faith and Belief

An irrational belief is a powerful tool.  It creates a platform for selling any values or ideology.  It does not need to have a factual basis.  Once you establish mythology as a fact, then you can add anything to it.  This is how it becomes a political tool.

Now you create an elaborate system of contradictory philosophies.  This creates a need for an authority to interpret confusing messages.  Next, you open up outlets to propagate and disseminate this religion.  You use your army to take over any existing religions and rebrand their locations as your own.  All the while you are selling faith in the afterlife.  There are rewards for believers and eternal punishment for those who do not fall in line.

Eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God’s, infinite love. ― Bill Hicks

The only way to support this illogical and morally corrupt position is with the hypnotic power of irrational belief.

Using the Ego to Reinforce Groupthink

The Ego floods the mind with thoughts.  It does this to maintain control of our awareness.  The ego likes to be in control.  It’s like the car a being in control of the driver.  But, we become so familiar living in this state we don’t even notice.  This is the state of hypnosis.  We are asleep.  We don’t know we are the driver.

So, religion uses this natural tendency to keep the mind busy with faith and belief.  These counteract our common sense.  This way we don’t question the circular logic and contradictions.  This shows the hypnotic power of religious indoctrination.  Group hypnosis is an effective tool for controlling the mind.

The Abrahamic religions adopted groupthink manipulation social programming techniques from their predecessors. The Abrahamic religions are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. These are a rebranding of Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Assyrian mystery religions. Here they found these powerful self hypnosis techniques. This is also where we find the concepts of the afterlife, hell, demons. These concepts tie into our basic fears. They use these fears to control their acolytes.

Breaking the Hypnotic Power of Religion

To move beyond this state of “hypnosis” we must do two things.  First, silence the idle chatter of the Ego. Second, counter the programming of group hypnosis.

To silence the inner chatter, we use the right form of meditation.  Some people can do this the simple beginning two-step mediation practice.  Others find that the techniques of mindfulness meditation work well.  More advanced forms like Japa or Transcendental Meditation (TM) are even better.

To counter this type of hypnosis you must recognize the sources and remove yourself or minimize contact with the programming.  Western organized religion is the main source of this harmful programming.  This can be hard for many people for several reasons.

First, self hypnosis is powerful and addictive.  Since these religions control much of the cultural narrative, it is hard to escape its overt influence. Many people attend weekly meetings where this programming is reinforced.  It comes from TV and radio programming.

There are two tools we recommend helping remove this harmful programming. First, the Enneagram of Personality Profile, Second, Comparative Analysis. These are two analytical tools that help you uncover the thought scripts, bias, and prejudice of your thinking.

We also recommend you partner with others on the same mission of discovery.  Make sure they are there to seek the truth and not simply to find reasons to hang onto their current beliefs.

Lessons from Gurdjieff’s System

Researching Gurdjieff’s work, we found some interesting things.  He was a researcher of consciousness.  His approach was eclectic.  Eventually, he started his system by combining several approaches.  He sought ways to reach counteract the effects of self hypnosis created by religion.  Instead of challenging their belief system, he used a more efficient tactic. Planted seeds using the subconscious mind to illuminate their inner truths. This forces the person to see their irrational beliefs.

We think this an excellent strategy for achieving this goal.  And, it mirrors practices and processes found around the globe in other ancient traditions. His process involves a progressive practice using the six following elements.

1) First, he developed a form of the Enneagram personality profile.  Thus, enabling the student to identify the thought processes fixating the mind.  And consequently causing a perpetual state of self hypnosis.  So, you realize you are asleep.  Now you can awaken.

2) He uses a series of complex movements.  These are “sacred dances” requiring a high level of focus.  Because they require full attention, it effectively suspends the chatter of the Ego.

3) Next, they teach students a form of silent meditation using a mantra.  Again, the goal here is to free the mind of all conscious and subconscious thoughts.  That is reaching the 4th state of consciousness directly.

4) Then, he alternated the sacred dance with periods of silent meditation for lengthy periods.  This is a “round” of silence and activity.  The Observer can take more control of the objective presence in the mind.  The Ego becomes a passenger instead of the driver.

5) Last, the student needs to normalize and become comfortable in these new spaces. We are not accustomed to being in control. So, the mind needs time to adjust to the new freedom.  Normalizing occurs overtime after the student engages in the regular practice of these elements.

6) After normalizing is complete, one can achieve a separate state of consciousness known as “Witnessing”.  In this state one simultaneously holds the state of transcendent being, while in a waking state of consciousness.  Here people report the experience of “oneness” with all things.  Here the driver is in control of the car instead of the car being in control of the driver.

Consciousness Development Tools

We do not exist between our ears. The real you, the person you talk to inside your head, is not limited by the dimensions of time or space.   Our consciousness is designed to access to higher states of consciousness.  All we need are the keys to open our awareness, and these tools exist.  We call these tools spiritual technologies.

Everyone has their own way of awakening their spiritual gifts sleeping in their DNA.  Awakening is a process.  When we open them, it sets our spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new potentials.

Accessing these spiritual gifts was the central goal of many ancient cultures.  We can trace the investigation of consciousness back to ancient cultures around the world.  We enjoy the benefits of generations of their research.  These early pioneers give us several tools for exploring consciousness.

We call the processes of these early explorers, spiritual technologies.  These processes stand up to the test of science, they are repeatable and produce unique physiological changes. Using these tools, we can reach higher states of awareness that differ from waking, sleeping, and dreaming.

We use a blended learning model incorporating those processes which are safe and reliable.  We are not the first to use this eclectic approach.  For example, Gurdjieff’s approach was to adopt techniques proven to be effective.  Human physiology hasn’t changed in thousands of years, so the work of the ancient pioneers stands the test of time.

In Conclusion

Faith and belief are enemies of progress.  Not just individual progress, but the progress of society.  The hypnotic power of the cultural narrative can be overcome.  We have some powerful weapons as well, facts, evidence, science, and logic.  Are they enough to overcome generations of group hypnosis and irrational belief?

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