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When you finally grasp the spiritual meaning of ebb and flow, and the changing spiritual tide, you will move more quickly toward enlightenment. ― Guru Tua

It is common knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Our culture reinforces the focus is on our physical aspects.  Western organized religion has very little spiritual nutrition.  It focuses more and more on prosperity in the physical world.  The only time it shifts focus is to sell the afterlife.

Spiritual Meaning of Ebb and Flow

When we shift our focus from the physical and temporal world to the spiritual, we can experience reality in a different, more complete way.  When we enter the transcendent realm of consciousness, we can see the changing spiritual tide of energy.

Some people feel this energy as a current.  Others can also sense or see it.  Kundalini Yoga is a system that focuses on aligning and opening our nervous system.  It allows abundant spiritual energy to flow more freely.

This type of changing energy flow is a principle in many aspects of our life.  Our health increases and decreases.  Our finances and relationships change.  Everything in life is constantly changing in energy and value.  There are several aspects to the spiritual meaning of ebb and flow. 

The first thing to understand is that there is a give and take in energy between our spiritual and physical self.  This is like the sap in a flower.  When we take care of the soil, water and give it sunshine, then it blossoms.  If we do not nourish the plant, it withers and produces no fruit.  Enlightenment is nothing special.  It is the natural growth of awareness when it is nurtured properly.

Giving and Receiving

Enlightenment is the expansion of awareness which often happens by degrees.  When we see and understand the underlying principles of nature this catapults us along.  The changing spiritual tide between giving and receiving is an excellent example of one of these principles.  When we can give without expecting a return, then we can move into the flow of giving and receiving.  We all have needs.  But, striving to have them fulfilled is like trying to grasp water.

It’s only when we “share” out of our need, that we move in the direction of our enlightenment.  This opens the virtues of the spirit.  Here is where the real “receiving” is found. These include gratitude, joyfulness, happiness, love, thankfulness, blissfulness, appreciation, mindfulness, and serenity.

It is through these virtues we receive more than can ever be obtained through manipulating physical things.  Giving without expectation is one of the doors through which we can enter these virtues.  These virtues have similar aspects of reciprocity.

Teacher and Student

Just because we learn something and practice it, does not mean you fully understand it.  No matter what “it” is. There is always a deeper layer of understanding.  Keeping this mindset there will always be room for greater understanding.  So, always keep the mindset of the student.  You always learn more as a beginner than as an expert.

No matter how much you think you know, remember there is always more to know.  It is also very important to help others on the path.  Helping and teaching others enables you to learn from a unique perspective.

There is an important relationship between the teacher and the helper.  The changing spiritual tide, the ebb and flow of energy between the teacher and student is as important as the knowledge.  Sometimes the energy is the knowledge that is received.  This is especially true when dealing with Mantras and Sutras.  When an inspired teacher initiates a student they impart energy.  The vibration of the Mantra or Sutra comes from the spirit of the teacher.

The Power of Silence and Presence

Sometimes all that is required is silence.  Helping often just means listening.  You may not have an answer.  And that’s okay.  You help just by listening.  Here too you find a crucial ebb and flow.  Likewise, the more you help others the more you’ll understand the nature of life.  The more you support others, the more support you’ll receive.

Even without imparting any information you are communicating through vibration.  If you have a truly caring attitude for the other person, listening will be enough.  Your “presence” is a vital vibration that can provide whatever the person needs.  Trust it.

Seeker Versus Follower

Seeking the truth is an independent endeavor.  It is not about following someone or something.  Resist becoming a follower or the worshiper of celebrities. Don’t confuse a charismatic personality with knowledge or truth.

Chose not to be a follower. Instead, be a seeker of knowledge and truth.  Above all, find teachers that provide tools to help you break the boundaries of consciousness.  Make sure they have the time and space to know you personally.    A guru is like a boat to get to the other side of the river.  Once you get to the other side, get out. Move one.  Don’t sit in the boat.  And, if the boat just sits in the middle of the river, get out and swim on your own.

You can learn from seminars and groups.  However, this cannot take the place of a knowledgeable teacher who understands exactly what you need.  Continue to have the mindset of a good student.  Foster a beginner  mindset and attitude.  Be eager to learn, cautiously skeptical, and always question the answers. Your fallback tools are logical reasoning guided by your intuition.  By the way, question, and test everything in this article.

There is an important correlation between seeker and truth.   Don’t be confused by the counterfeit of religion.  Religion is the fast food of spiritual truth.  It tastes good, but it is not good for you.  It has no true spiritual nutrition.  Truth satisfies the soul and doesn’t need continued indoctrination.  Truth is found in repeatable sciences and truthful archeological and historical evidence.  Beware of any belief system which prevents you from seeking the facts that underlay the system.

Changing Spiritual Tide

If you look for it, you will start to see the give and take between many important aspects of life.  For example, all relationships are built upon mutual trust and respect.  You get and give both.   Similarly, there is an important relationship between man and the environment.  But, if we misuse it, then there are equal repercussions.  Understanding the spiritual meaning of ebb and flow gives us insight into many aspects of life.

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