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Walking Your Spiritual Path

The spiritual path is a way of life.  The first step isn’t as hard as you think.  You’ll find own way. You can do this.

create your own way
First and most importantly, develop your own spiritual path.  The stories of other Sages, Avatars, and Gods are only helpful to the extent they provide you direction.  Once you have a direction, make that spiritual path your own.  Fill it with your own rituals, your own ways. You will find the right people to help guide your way, show you the doorways of consciousness through the spiritual technologies.
don’t get sidetracked
Be careful not to be sidetracked by any religion.  Some traditions from the East contain spiritual technologies which are essential processes. Let your intuition lead you to the right teachers, but don’t become a follower.  Remember, a guru is a boat to get you across the river. Leave when you reach the other side.  Swim if you are just floating down the river.  Otherwise, keep moving but don’t forget to stop and rest. Remember that you’ll need time to rest and normalize what you are learning. You need time to understand the lessons. Constantly ask yourself the question, “what is the lesson.” Life is all about lessons.  Listen to your heart.
seek tools, not teachers
Find and learn all the spiritual tools you can.  Your heart will tell you when are ready.  Refine your path. Always strive to be a beginner, never an expert.   If you find you are on the wrong path, change direction.  Always ask yourself, “What is the lesson.”
Spiritual journal
Keep a Spiritual Journal.  Consider it your own bible.  You’ll have serval over time, and they will be a useful resource.  It’s your way of documenting your journey. And, it will help you see your incremental growth.  Practice automatic writing often.  Look for messages in your own writing.
help others on the path
Help others find their own spiritual path.  Helping others is part of the lesson.   You’ll never understand something better than when you teach others.  Don’t discount this part of your journey.  You may be walking your own path, but that doesn’t mean you must walk it alone.
In Conclusion
If this article resonates with you there are more on our blog.  For more information about how this exercise fits into our curriculum check out our blended learning process.   It reflects what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey.   Check out the spiritual exploration learning options, and our page under FAQ.  Lastly, please consider donating and supporting our mission.  Help others learn the knowledge of the ancient tools for expanding awareness and investigating higher states of consciousness. Image by Unsplash.

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