Picturing Life Beautiful ― Let the Universe work out the Details

Picturing Life Beautiful ― Let the Universe Work out the Details

Create an image in your mind, picture the life you want.  Document it.  Then allow the Universe to do its thing.  This is the essence of the law of attraction.

Picturing life beautiful is the first step. Then let the Universe work out the details.
― Guru Tua

The universe responds to our thoughts. It responds equally to either positive or negative vibes or affirmations.   So, we should send out positive thoughts to manifest positive things. We need to hold onto our dreams.  The best way to do this is to document it.

Unfortunately, we often do just the opposite. We picture life at its worst. Then we wonder why we have all the troubles we were expecting.  In times of crisis, this is a natural reaction.  But, we know we find the best solutions when we hold a positive attitude.  This underscores the need to hold a positive image of the desired result.

Picturing Life Beautiful

First, we need to replace all negative images of the future with positive ones.  This is more and more difficult to do.  That’s because we live in a time and culture that thrives on negativity.  But, if we dwell on negative images, we are inviting them into our lives.  In fact, dwelling on the negative ensures that they will manifest.

This doesn’t mean you should not have plans for the future.  It means maintaining a realistic mindset while planning for the best in the future. It takes courage to let the universe work out the details.   We like to be in control, but when we doubt and second-guess, we undermine the goal.

Instead, begin picturing life beautiful. Whatever a beautiful life means to you. Just be sure it is a positive image.  It should not be harmful to you or others. Now keep that positive mental picture alive.  Refer to it often. See it.  Hear the sounds and smells. Fill it with positive feelings.

Secondly, now that you have an image of your beautiful life, make it tangible by creating a vision board.  One of the best ways to re-program your internal dialogue is to use a visual image to focus our intent. Find pictures that remind you of your beautiful life.  Keep these pictures near so that your sub-conscious is constantly reminded of the goal. This is the magical work of gentle but persistent intent.  I recommend a bulletin board. Make sure it is in a place you see daily if possible.

Let the Universe Work out the Details

Third, learn and practice basic Mindfulness Meditation.  This will help you ground and center.  It will help you be more present.   “Presence” will make you more aware of your thought life.

Fourth, and start observing and directing your self-talk.  Affirmations help to some extent.  But, they don’t erase the negative.  So, you need to monitor your thought life. Always redirect your attention toward solutions and positive outcomes.

Last, trust and hold onto hope in the future.  Let the Universe work out the details.  Observe to make sure you don’t miss the cues the Universe is sending you.

In Conclusion

Picturing life beautiful is the key.  Here are the five steps.

1) It starts with a positive picture of the future.
2) Make the vision tangible, create a vision board.
3) Get grounded, practice mindfulness meditation.
4) Monitor our self-talk and use positive affirmations
5) Have confidence in your plan allow the Universe to fill in the details.

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