You are a Story Book — I am a Story Book

You are a Story Book — I am a Story Book

I am a story book.  I am writing it a page at a time, a minute, hour, and day at a time.  Sometimes I don’t know what to write.  But I am the author, with or without choice. Does this story sound familiar? — Guru Tua

I write from the heart when I can, when my ego isn’t getting in the way. I love. I share. I make a mess. I am the editor. When I can, I erase the mistakes before I publish them.  That way they don’t end up in actions and words I can’t unmake.

You are a story book, too. If you read this, you are in my story too.  Are you ready for a plot change?  We each have our own chapter.  What will you write next? 

My friends and those who love me help me create this story. They help me make edits as I go along. They remind me of the best parts of my story. 

It really helps to remember the delightful parts of my story. I re-read them now and then.  I see and hear your beautiful story. It encourages me to keep writing mine.
— Guru Tua

Story Book Key Points

There are some key messages here regarding our lives as a story.  First, don’t copy someone else’s pages.  That is don’t live your life according to someone else’s plans or expectations.

Even if you succeed in the prescribed career path, living and achieving things someone else wants, you fail.  Hence, you’ll be miserable and resentful.  Because you’ll have wasted precious time and effort.  In the end, the achievements will be hollow and you will be unhappy. Instead, be your original unique self.

Secondly, take calculated risks.  Your story book won’t be interesting if you always take the easy route.   Don’t risk foolishly but don’t shy away from challenges or opportunities that may change the course of your life.  When evaluating the risk always, always consider the impact on others and the environment.  Don’t worry you’ll make mistakes, but you won’t have regrets about not taking advantage of an opportunity.

Finally, be sure to learn from your mistakes.   Don’t forget them, but minimize them in your memories. Don’t allow negative emotions from a mistake to taint your attitude.    Learn from your successes too, but magnify them.  Use them as stepping stones to keep your attitude positive.

In Conclusion

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