When Your Path is Blocked ― Removing Spiritual Roadblocks

When Your Path is Blocked ― Removing Spiritual Roadblocks

If you feel something is blocking your progress, it could be several things. Find out how to identify the roadblock and remove it.

When you are feeling stagnant or just not getting anywhere, it is time to diagnose what’s going on.  It could be the Universe attempting to teach you something. Or, it could be an issue from the past you need to deal with.  Still, it could also be interference from some unhealthy programing.


When Your Path is Blocked

When you feel blocked, this can be very frustrating. You may feel your life isn’t moving in the direction you think it should. Something’s blocking your path and holding you back. That’s when it’s time to diagnose what’s going on.

That is right. Pause for a few minutes. Stop thinking about what the issue could be.  Give the active mind a rest.  This will help to clarify the issue or issues.  Be sure to use a spiritual journal to document everything. If you don’t know what this is, then follow the link first.

On the positive side, when your path is blocked, it indicates you are making progress.  It means you have new insight.  Good for you.

The sources of your roadblock could be one or more of the following:

    • Unhealthy programing from your culture or our Ego.
    • The Universe prompting you to move in another direction.
    • An issue from the past that you need to resolve.
    • You are stuck in a victim or survivor mindset.  You are ready to progress to a victor.

Enneagram w cultural narrative

Removing Spiritual Roadblocks

1) Pinpoint the Obvious Issues

First, try this simple exercise to help identify the issues.

Close the eyes. Sit up straight but comfortably. Allow the head to float above the shoulders. Bring your attention to your body posture and breath.  Observe the breath.  Breathe deeply and naturally.  Do not force the breath.

Sit and just breathe for 3 to 5 minutes. When thoughts invade, gently bring your attention back to the body and your breath.  At the end of 3 to 5 minutes ask yourself the questions, what is blocking my path?  What is the lesson? Then write in your journal.

If this isn’t clarifying the issue, then we suggest the automatic writing technique.

2) The Next Diagnostic Tool is Automatic Writing.

This is similar to the above exercise.  When you use the automatic writing technique, it will unlock everything at the subconscious level.  So, you will need to sift through the data to spot patterns or issues.  Follow this link to the automatic writing process.

Trust your subconscious to explore and bring new options and resources. A good place to start is by asking yourself the question, what is the lesson?  Again, it is important to document everything in your spiritual journal. This will help you identify any trends. It’s also a way of cultivating your intuitive powers.

This is a simple but effective strategy for finding solutions to those issues blocking your path. However, even if you think you have identified the issue with the first two techniques we recommend another tool to confirm your findings.  Removing spiritual roadblocks is something we all face.  So, if you are using the Enneagram, this is a something you should add to your spiritual tool belt.

3) Use the Enneagram Personality Profile

The Enneagram is a tool which will identify the default programing scripts of your personality and instinctual type.  If there is an issue here because of unhealthy thought patterns this tool will show them to you.

Removing the Roadblock

open road

When your path is blocked, using the right spiritual technology will help you deal with the issue. If you are using all the above diagnostic tools then you are already using some of these technologies.

Removing spiritual roadblocks is a common issue.  The more we progress the father down the path we go, then we are more likely to encounter things we need to resolve.  Sometimes the larger issues come up first.  But, sometimes we run into them after years of practice.  It’s also not uncommon to have the same issues resurface.  Don’t be discouraged.

Spiritual technologies are tools for exploring consciousness.  They result from generations of research by cultures around the world. These processes stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable and measurable. They do not require belief in religious doctrine.  So, everyone who can follow a process can use them. We call the practice of these processes spiritual exploration.

You can list these tools in several ways. Some fall into more than one group.   We like this simple method.

In Conclusion

When your path is blocked, it is a sign that you have made progress.  Don’t be discouraged.  Removing spiritual roadblocks is something every warrior of light encounters.

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