Spiritual Gifts ― The Treasures of the Soul

Spiritual Gifts ― The Treasures of the Soul

These gifts are indeed treasures, they are the legacy of our ancestor’s sacrifices.  These gifts lay dormant, waiting for us to awaken, unlock, and use them.  Learn how to unlock these latent talents. They are key to reaching our full potential.

Spiritual Gifts ― Treasures of the Soul

You can define these sacred gifts in many ways, a lot depends on your worldview. Every philosophy and religion has its own special way of defining these gifts.  The most popular religions in the world are the Abrahamic religions, they see them as moral attributes and offices.

The virtues of the spirit are a good example. These are wonderful attributes of personal experience. These include gratitude, joyfulness, happiness, love, thankfulness, blissfulness, appreciation, mindfulness, and serenity.

In some cultures, these gifts are skills, abilities, and talents of consciousness. These are the treasures of the Soul. These are methods that alter awareness and open doors to higher states of consciousness.

We see these treasures as the legacy of our ancestors. We are the product of generations.  Our lives are the culmination of connections stretching back to the beginning.  We are the result of the lessons learned and blessings earned.  We inherit them through our DNA. And, we earn their use by this inheritance. They live within us waiting for us to awaken.

It would be almost impossible to list all the variations of spiritual gifts.  We recognize them when we see them in operation.  For instance, the ability to facilitate healing is a talent.  Feeling the emotions of other people or places is the gift of the Empath.

Another inner work skill is the Shamanic Journey.  Some call this ancient process creative visualization or guided meditation.  This is a tool that can help you learn what other talents you may have. An excellent resource to learn this process is the book “Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide by Sandra Ingerman” (1).  

Some people are more in touch with this ancient wisdom than others.  Many among us are blessed with a bounty of these tools. For the most part, they are dormant until we are ready to use them.  We become ready when we awaken.   Our goal is to help you get more in touch with these valuable tools. It is the path of the Hero’s Journey.

Our life is all about lessons.  So, these inner abilities help us understand our lessons and our mission in life.  These wonderful treasures are within us, safely awaiting the time we call upon them.  Let’s do it now. 

Consciousness Development

You can increase your latent skills, abilities, and talents in the same way you can increase your athletic ability.  Think of it like playing basketball.   Some people have a natural talent for this game.  Take Michael Jordan, for instance.  You can practice for years and never be able to do the things Mr. Jordan can do.  That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun playing basketball, even if we can’t shoot and dunk like Michael Jordan.

These special abilities come in a variety like the colors of a rainbow.  Some people have a singular gift and some have several. Some people a great deal of talent in one area and very little in others.   You may not be aware of them until you begin the process of awakening them.

Instead of looking for a list of spiritual gifts, awaken to your own!  It is easier than you think.  Just remember it’s important to be gentle but firm with yourself.  Progress is hard to predict.  We each learn and awaken at different rates.  So be patient and gentle.  Also, be firm and keep using processes like the Shamanic Journey to discover and awaken them.

Consciousness development is hard inner work, but it is worth the effort.  The discoveries you make will be a part of your legacy to others.

Everyone has their own way of awakening.  We have unique spiritual gifts and we are on different timetables. Awakening is a process.  These gifts are sleeping in our DNA.  When we open them, it sets our spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new potentials. Accessing these gifts was the central goal of many ancient cultures.

We enjoy the benefits of generations of research.  The results are a set of powerful tools anyone can use. We call these treasures of the soul spiritual technologies.  These are sound methods for expanding awareness and exploring consciousness.

These tools stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable experiential phenomena, and many higher states of awareness also have unique measurable physiological signatures.  These signatures differ from waking, sleeping, and dreaming.

You do not need to follow a religion to use these tools. All you need to do is follow the process.  For the most part, these tools come from Eastern traditions.  Their focus is on exploring consciousness and developing human potential.

We use a blended learning model incorporating those processes which are safe and reliable.  We are not the first to use this eclectic approach.  For example, Gurdjieff’s approach was to adopt techniques proven to be effective.  The research of these early pioneers stands the test of time.

Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts

unlocking your spiritual gifts

Here is one way many people can begin the process.  This is a simple and intuitive process.  We will sit upright and guide our awareness from our normal active mind to our body and breathe.  Then we will “visualize” energy and the unlocking the treasures of our Soul. It’s simple, but it works.  Try it and see.

1) Quiet the Mind And Guide Awareness Inward

First, allow yourself a few moments to sit in your silence. Consciously bring your awareness to your body.  Sit comfortably. You don’t need to sit cross-legged.  Your spine should be upright but not strained.

Allow your head to “float” about your shoulders.  Now, allow your awareness to come to your posture, your body.  Bring your awareness also to your breathing.  When thoughts interrupt gently return your awareness to your posture and breathe.  This will begin to quiet the mind.  Practice this until you feel your mind quiet down. This is a way to guide awareness gently inward.

2) Creative Visualization

The last step is to leverage the power of creative visualization. This a way to use our imagination.  Make a vivid picture in the mind.

Feel the air (source) coming into you through your nostrils and filling your lungs. Visualize bringing in cleansing air and source energies.  Allow the energy to go down the spine and gather them in the sacral area.  Then, when you breathe out to allow the release of air and negative energy out your lips.  Next, see if you can regulate your breath.   Seven seconds in, deep into the stomach. Hold the breath in for seven seconds.  Then exhale slowly your lips. Feel and hear the stale air leaving your body.

Focus and visualize the uncoiling of the energy up your spine.  As you visualize the uncoiling, allow your intuition to unlock whatever treasures of the Soul reside within.  TRUST in the process.  After a few minutes, you should begin to “feel” silence and stillness.

Finally, Visualize the “unlocking” of the treasures of your Soul.  Ask your ancestors to help you.  If you are so inclined to call upon your spirit guides or guardian angels. Ask them for focus, direction, discipline, counsel, and love. Allow the blessings to do this until the only thing you’re noticing is your life force energy coming back. Coming back into sync with life.  You may also feel you are more in sync with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Summing up the Process

Some people find this process works almost immediately.  However, for many people, it may take several times over several weeks. Everyone is different.   Do not force it. The process and the timetable for unlocking your spiritual gifts are different for everyone.

We walk our own path on The Hero’s Journey.  But, we don’t have to walk the whole way alone.  Find others are walking the same general direction.  Learn from them.  Help them.

We are all on our path, going at our own pace.  Some people get their gifts all at once, others over time.  They are available when we are ready to receive them.  The process of awakening is like a butterfly transformation.  It takes time.

Common Roadblocks

First, it is common for people to find their thoughts and emotions may interrupt this process.  It is also hard for some people to follow their breath.  Both of these will become easier with time and practice.  Don’t force things.  If your mind is hyperactive or if you are tired then just wait for a better time to practice.  Over time your mind, body, and soul will come to enjoy this time of synchronization.

Second, our cultural narrative resists change.  We receive programming from several social systems that create boundaries of thinking.  This programming is so powerful it will install bias and prejudices.  So, it’s important to be able to question your cultural narrative that is made of your beliefs about reality.


After you do this practice, it’s important to become and stay present with your body and breath.  This will enable you to continue to be in contact with this primal energy and knowledge.  You may find these treasures of the Soul materialize after the process rather than during.  Again, everyone is different.  Be present enough to trust the energies.  We are filled with divine energy.


You will feel the high vibrations of your gifts just like the presence of a friend. Many find clarity of thoughts and images within the mind’s eye directly after the practice.  If you don’t feel anything that’s telling you something.  If it doesn’t resonate, then perhaps you just aren’t in a place to open this particular skill, ability, or talent. Most people have a spiritual awareness of people and places.  Trust in this wisdom.

What Are Spiritual Technologies?

Spiritual technologies are ancient methods for exploring the human spirit. They come from cultures all around the globe.  They are time-tested by generations of use. These practical mental tools help us expand awareness.  Some open the doors to higher states of consciousness.

The methods we select are tools that can stand up to the rigorous test of science.  They are repeatable processes.  Several produce measurable effects on our physiology.  These changes include brainwave coherence, lower heart rates, and increased skin resistance. These changes prove these states of consciousness differ from waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

Anyone can use them, all you need to do is follow the process.  They are like a cake recipe. If you combine the right ingredients in the right way and you get something delicious.  They do not the belief or faith in any religious doctrine.

We divide these tools into four major categories:

Everyone has their own path.  You can start with any of these methods.  The more you use, the better.


There’s nothing wrong with the study of philosophy or finding ways to bring out the positive attributes of humankind. Similarly, there isn’t anything wrong with developing a list of these attributes.    However, these differ from actually unlocking our latent skills, abilities, and talents.

Use as many spiritual technologies as you can.  Study about the higher virtues. Find out what treasures you possess.

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(1) Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide by Sandra Ingerman.
(2) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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