The Key to your Earthly Pursuits

The Key to Your Earthly Pursuits ― Childhood Memories

What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes?
Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits. — Carl Gustav Jung

Your Childhood Holds Valuable Clues

Your childhood is where you’ll find valuable clues about which path you should pursue to fulfill your dreams.  If we take time to search for our childhood memories, we’ll find some valuable lessons for building a better future.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your education or career.  This exercise will confirm or redirect your efforts to your educational and career goals.

It’s never too late to redirect your path to find happiness. Follow your passion and you’ll be a lot happier.  To do this you must identify what drives your passions and dreams.  These childhood passions are the key to your earthly pursuits as an adult.

Obstacles and Problems

One main issue is that we listen to what others want us to become.  Consequently, we genuinely don’t “know” what we want.  We have no clue what path will lead us to our dreams.  Another obstacle is our well-meaning families.  Sometimes they can have plans for our lives and careers, which ignore our passions and dreams.  Because we are “good children” we try to please our parents. We “learn” to please other people or other institutions this is only a substitute for what we desire. And, so our earthly pursuits become a journey of pain instead of a path of pleasure.

The Key to Your Earthly Pursuits

When a child plays, they are living “in the moment”.  They explore what brings them happiness, and then they immerse themselves.  The memories you have of moments like this are the key to happiness as an adult.

This exercise is a simple but powerful.  It will give you some good data on which to make big life decisions.

Get a small notebook you can keep with you for a week.  Start by setting your intention to find positive childhood memories where you are playing and loving every moment.  Find those times when you were lost in your imagination.  Then wait for things to surface.  To set your intention, ask yourself the question, what did I love to do and play as a child?  Write this question in your journal.

Don’t force things to happen.  Ask your subconscious for positive memories.  It is important to remember that our memory of past events can color our perception with positive or negative overtones.  Our memories will change over time.   For this exercise, we want to focus on positive memories.  We can use our memories. Recalling childhood play-time can help us understand ourselves. These are links to our inner desires.

Your subconscious mind wants you to understand what will make you happy.    This can become a life-changer.  You’ll see that the key to your earthly pursuits is in your positive childhood memories.

This is a simple and powerful exercise we use in our groups.  It a part of our blended learning process.  It comes with several other spiritual technologies.  Another exercise we use in our preparatory phase is what we call exploring memories.  This helps us bring our memory into focus which expands our awareness.  It shows us what we value and what we fear.

Spiritual Technologies

Spiritual technologies are processes.  Are the tools of consciousness.  They enable us to expand awareness and explore higher states of consciousness.  These processes stand up to the test of science. They exhibit repeatable common experiential phenomena. And, many have unique physiological characteristics.  These signatures are unique from waking, sleeping, and dreaming. Because they are processes, they do not the belief or faith in any religious doctrine. All you need to do is follow the process.

In Conclusion

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Interested in spiritual exploration?  Check out the blended learning process at the core of our teaching process. It reflects what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey.  Our learning options include both face-to-face and virtual learning sessions.  Please consider donating and supporting our mission. This helps others learn the knowledge for developing their path.


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