The Chakra Energy Centers ― The Key to Healing Mind, Body and Soul

The Chakra Energy Centers ― The Key to Healing Mind, Body and Soul

We all need either physical, spiritual or mental healing at some point.  Learn about how you can enhance your healing system. 

The term Chakra comes from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition.  Their pioneer work gives us knowledge of seven physical and spiritual energy points that run down our spine.  There is also evidence that other cultures discovered these energy points independently.  However, the depth of knowledge in the Ayurvedic tradition is by far the most detailed collection of this information.

As the ancient knowledge of India made its way to the West, the knowledge of healing was of foremost interest.

The Seven Chakra Energy Centers

In Eastern thought, this refers to the subtle energy centers along the spine. They run from the base of the spine to an invisible crown above the head.  Activating these centers are the key to health and enlightenment.  As the theory goes, if all seven chakras are healthy and in alignment the result is enlightenment.  All the Sages we believe to be enlightened souls talk about how important it is to achieve and maintain proper alignment of thinking, and body.

The term Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or disk. The knowledge of these energy centers comes from the Eastern traditions known as the eightfold path.

There are several ways of accessing, opening, cleansing, and maintaining.  For example, the main purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to open these seven Chakras.  Some believe that Chinese and Indonesian healing systems come from this system.

Many practitioners visualize these chakra energy centers as swirling spirals.  We see the symbol of the spiral in many cultures.  It represents the continuation of the life cycle and divine energy in many traditions. Perhaps this is a universal principle discovered independently.  Hence, the more healthy vibrant and aligned they are, the more powerful and harmonious the flow of energy.

Let’s learn about each of these energy portals and how we can access or cleanse them.   Working our way from the bottom up:

1st Chakra “Muladhara” The root or Base

“I am,” Muladhara, this is the energy center located in the perineum. Red is the color accompanying this “base”.  It all begins here.  This one is the home of our self-preservation instinct.   Basic survival and stability are its concerns.  And, it’s our main power source for our physical vitality and endurance. This center nurtures your most basic needs and desires, first and foremost the desire to live. Its also called the root chakra since it roots the body and the soul to the earth and draws its energy from the ground.

Every spiritual technology begins with grounding and centering.  Connecting with our power and rooting into the Earth are key elements to any practice.  Almost all healing starts with being grounding and centering.  This is the first step in the proper alignment of all the energy centers.  Similarly, proper alignment is essential for the key to healing the mind, body, and soul.

2nd Chakra “Svadhisthana” The Sacral

“I feel,” Svadhisthana, this is about three finger width beneath the navel. Its color reference is orange.  This is the center of our larger-than-life passions such as our dreams, ambitions, and fantasies. This energy portal is the emotional and sexual center of the soul, a fountain of universal energy. It’s your strong link to the world, which bonds you to your loved ones.  This is the creative center.  When people have a “gut feeling” this is where it comes from.

3rd Chakra “Manipurura” The Solar Plexus

“I do,” Manipura, is the solar plexus.  This center is associated with the color yellow. This one is located just above the navel and is the center of personal strength, learning, and comprehension. This the center of our social instinct and self-awareness.  It’s the home of our self-esteem, guiding us through life by creating a strong sense of self, awareness of others, setting personal boundaries and building self-esteem and willpower. The ability to bring change into your life and to the world is born within this center.

4th Chakra “Anahata” The Heart

“I love,” this energy portal that is the seat of emotion.  It is best known for channeling love.  But it is the source of all emotions, good and bad.  So, it also channels all emotions; anger, hate, vulnerability, anxiety, and dependency.  At the same time can channel unconditional love, compassion, friendliness, and healthy self-love.  If this center is not healthy, then it sends ripples through our entire being.  It all depends on the health of our hearts.

This is one of the main chakra energy centers, Anahata, the heart.  We associate it with the color green.  It is in the middle of the chest just above the heart. This point is in the center of our body mass and radiates energy throughout the body.

This center connects everything… mind, heart, soul, and body. The heart gives us a connection with other people, animals, and the environment.  Many of the mantras for healing are for this center.

5th Chakra “Visuddha” The Throat

“I Speak,” Visuddha, is at the base of the throat.  We associate this point with The Adam’s apple and the color blue. The throat is the gate to a truthful existence and the communication center of the body. It is the center that handles outgoing messages. Some believe even the internalized thoughts of the mind are filtered through this center. Through the throat, we voice (think) our opinions, beliefs, and truths.  When open and in alignment, with the other chakras, our words can inspire others and add to the flow of mutual influence.

6th Chakra “Ajna” The Third Eye

“I See,” Ajna, is the third eye. You can find this one in the center of the forehead. The color indigo is associated with this powerful center. It is responsible for what we refer to as “the sixth sense.” This portal connects our internal intuitions, mystical and logical mind centers. Therefore, it is the center through which all perception of this reality occurs.  So, it’s perhaps one of the most talked-about energy centers.

Caution for those interested in opening the third-eye.  Once it is open it cannot be closed.  These techniques alter perception – forever.  And, depending upon your gifts it might be more than you expect.  So, be sure you are ready.

7th Chakra “Sahasrara” The Crown

“I understand,” is Sahasrara, the crown.  This last energy point is above the head. We associate it with the color white. This is the spiritual energy center associated with pure consciousness, wisdom, sacredness, and wholeness.

This is the energy center that is responsible for connecting our consciousness to the source of consciousness of the Universe. This is the gateway that enables the expression of higher states of consciousness. So, it’s not surprising that enlightened teachers are often pictured in portraits with a “halo” of white light above their heads.  Consequently, this is the passageway to such experiences as Oneness.

Activating the Key to Healing

Above all, everyone is different. So, everyone has their way of awakening and activating the healing energies of the body.  Medicines do this by aligning with the healing properties already in the body.  Many of the healing arts of the East use medicine along with directing energy through the Chakras or their connecting points throughout the body.  These are Meridians or junction points. This is because they all either directly or indirectly work to establish proper alignment of the life force energy that travels through the Meridians and Chakras.  They have eons of practical experience with various healing arts.  Their experience tells us the key to healing the mind, body, and soul is in finding the right balance of our energy.

We recommend everyone learn as many of the ancient spiritual technologies as possible. These are processes for expanding awareness and investigating higher states of consciousness.  Healing is among these processes.  Learning the healing arts is useful for your health and it is also part of the spiritual path which allows us to help others. It’s a very common occurrence to see someone shift the focus of their spiritual path after being introduced to the healing arts.

Spiritual Technologies

Spiritual technologies are tools for exploring consciousness.  They result from generations of research by cultures around the world. These processes stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable and measurable. They do not require belief in religious doctrine.  So, everyone who can follow a process can use them. We call the practice of these processes spiritual exploration.

You can list these tools in several ways. Some fall into more than one group.   We like this simple method.

In Conclusion

The seven chakra energy centers are our source of natural healing.  Using any of the spiritual technologies will have a positive effect on your health and wellness.  Many believe the key to healing is in finding the right balance of these techniques.  This provides a way to access our source.  They help to keep us in alignment and balance.

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