Are We Energy — More Energy Than Matter

Are We Energy — More Energy Than Matter

One of the first breakthroughs of Japa or Transcendental Meditation occurs when you experience the realization that you are more energy than matter.

Difficult to Put into Words

It’s a difficult realization to put into words.   Because the profound stillness is also active and alive with consciousness.  You feel your consciousness with your inner Being.  It’s a connection to the greater consciousness.  At this “point” you realize the observer of your life isn’t contained within the receptacle of your head.  What ‘you’ are is much greater than you’ve been led to believe. You realize that you are a part of the abundant resource. 

Are We Energy Expressed as Oneness

We experience life as separate identities.  We think we’re separate because that’s how society defines us.  But deep down, there’s a realization that we are much more.  When we talk about being more energy than matter we are venturing into the territory of a mysitcal experience.   We describe this Eureka realization as Oneness. And, it leaves you begging the questions, why this form, why at this point? Why is the default of our consciousness a singular point of view from such a limited point of observation? Are we energy exploring how many variations are possible? 

More Energy than Matter

Are We Energy — More Energy Than Matter

Your Divine Energy is worth more than any material matter.   Your energy is the currency of the Universe.  The vibration and frequency of your energy create either positive or negative results.  The greatest gift you can give everyone is to raise your vibration.  There are simple things you can do to raise your vibration; “be positive” in your thoughts and intentions.  Meditate regularly and bask in the transcendent to align and rejuvenate.  Give of yourself to others in need. Perhaps the question, are we energy, should be what kind of energy are we?

Once you’ve had this experience, you’ll realize you are more energy than matter.  You might be sad that others haven’t experienced this expanded point of view.  Or, it might fill you with joy “knowing” that this transcendence awaits everyone to experience.

This opens the doors to other spiritual gifts and goals.  Maybe you’ve found your calling as a guide or teacher.  Or, this could open the door to the healing arts.  If this experience leaves you demanding answers to the previous questions, then your calling is that of a See or Sage. But, if you have not yet had this experience, your first steps are to seek out instruction in the process of Japa or Transcendental Meditation.

In Conclusion

Are we energy, just looking at other vibrations of energy?

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