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Omens and Synchronicity…

We’ve all heard the expressions ill-Omen and bad Omens.    But, could there more to this expression?  Is it connected to Synchronicity in some way?

What is an Omen?

An Omen is actually a word derived from Latin via Old French.  It literally means “to hear.” Unfortunately, the term has come to be associated exclusively with something menacing or potentially unfortunate.  This negative association goes back to 14th century.

You’d think being able to hear something would be a good thing, but not when it became associated with the anticipation of something bad. No one wants to hear bad news.  The negative reputation for the omen became the term ominous in 16th Century.  Consequently, this is a word which means we are to anticipate something bad or unpleasant happening.  How and why did this term “to hear” become associated only the negative? Let’s examine the possibilities. Are omens all bad?  Maybe not.

Omens are Signposts

First of all, many ancient cultures see omens as important signposts.  The signpost is a metaphor pointing to some message.  And, it’s up to the observer to unravel or reveal the underlying meaning.  You need to figure out what the Universe trying to communicate through these signposts.   The message could be a good or bad.  It depends on a number of factors.

Generally, the interpretation of omens is unique to the observer. Everyone has a different history.  So, every event must consider the person’s history.  An omen is normally something that “sticks out,” is memorable or reminds us of some pattern or significant event in our lives. It’s a Deja Vu event like you’ve been there before. 

This means all natural things or events could potentially be an omen.  This includes everything from weather events like lightning, and cloud shapes/movements to encounters with birds, animals, and people. Each type of omen is gauged according to specific meaningful characteristics.  It could be almost anything from such things as the kinds of bird in flight or the direction of flight, the professions of the people encountered and whether they were agreeable our out of sorts, their facial expressions and even tone of voice.

So, omens could either be a good or bad sign depending upon the observer’s point of view. For example, if you saw a black cat and said, “it felt like someone was walking over my grave,” this was an indication of an “ill” omen to you. I might see the same black cat and think” it’s my old friend come to visit,” and this would be a good omen for me.  Need help figuring out an omen?  There are people who help you do just that. 

Need Help Interpreting Omens?

There are a number of people with spiritual gifts to help you interpret the possibilities of an Omen.  There are Shaman, Seers, and Witches, as well as, others who can help you decipher the meaning of these events. I’ve seen the process interpretation of omens first-hand.  To me, it seemed more like a psychological examination than a spiritual adventure.  They ask a lot of questions to help you interpret the event.  They ask about your dreams, your family history, what you like and dislike.  The interpretation of omens is always understood through the unique history of the observer.


Now, Let’s take a look at synchronicity. The experience of synchronicity is the remarkable correlation between a series of seemingly unrelated events. And, the connection or harmonization of these events is outside probability of chance or coincidence.  The result is what seems like a quantum leap in awareness (“Eureka”) or perception. Some believe that these experiences, are personal evidence of supernatural intervention or divine communication.  In other words, the Universe is trying to communicate with you.

In Conclusion

Most importantly, did you notice the parallels between the definition of an omen and the definition of synchronicity? Is there really a difference?  Is the latter term, Synchronicity just a more sophisticated way of explaining an Omen?  Have you recognized any omens (synchronic events) in your life recently?

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