Omens and Synchronicity…

We’ve probably all heard the expressions ill-Omen and bad Omens.    But, could there more to this expression?  Is there a possible connection between Omens and Synchronicities?


The exact origin of the word Omen is unknown.  However, it has links to the Greek word “Oiomai.”  This means I suppose, think and believe.  Additionally, some sources link it to the Latin root “Audire,” which means to hear.  It has Proto-Indo-European lexical roots which mean, a sighting and to believe.

You’d think to hear, see or to believe something would be a good thing.  However, in the 16th Century, the meaning of omen changed.  Then, it became a foreboding, anticipating something bad.  More than likely this negative bias started with one person. Someone thought an event or thing was a bad omen.  This personal belief became the generally accepted meaning. In other words, superstition became a cultural standard.  Then the cultural narrative carries this negative bias forward.  Let’s look beyond the derivation of the word and the cultural prejudice. Let’s see if all omens are really bad.

Omens as Signposts

Omens are important signposts.  A signpost is a metaphor.  It’s a clue pointing to a message.  And, it’s up to the observer to unravel or reveal the meaning.  You need to figure out what the Universe trying to communicate. 

The meaning of an omen is unique to the observer.  Everyone has a different history.  So, the meaning of any one omen defers.  An omen is something that “sticks out.” We recognize a pattern.  Or, it’s memorable in some way.  The omen be extraordinary or just that would be an everyday occurrence. The omen may also manifest as a feeling.  Deja Vu event is a common omen, This is the feeling that you’ve seen this before. 

So, almost anything could be an omen.  This includes everything from weather events like lightning, and cloud shapes to encounters with birds, animals, and people.  Omens are often subtle, like a wink by a stranger or that Deja Vu feeling. 

So, omens could either be a good or bad sign depending upon the observer’s point of view. For example, let’s say you saw a black cat.  You say, it felt like someone was walking on my grave.”  So, in this case, the black cat is a bad omen.  However, I see the same black cat and say, “an old friend will come to visit.”  Hence, for me, it is a good omen. However, because omens are metaphors the meaning may not be straightforward.  So, people seek help trying to unravel the subtle meaning.  

Help Interpreting Omens

There are people with spiritual gifts who can help you interpret the meaning of an Omen.  Those that have this gift are known as Shaman, Seers, and Witches.  It depends upon the culture.  I have first-hand experience observing this process.  To me, it seems exactly more like a modern psychological session than a ceremony.  To begin with, they ask a lot of questions.  They ask about your dreams, your family history, what you like and dislike.  The most question most repeated is, what do you think it means. Thus, the meaning comes from the unique history of the observer.  The guide merely helps them find the most likely meaning.    


Now, Let’s take a look at the topic of synchronicity. Synchronicity is the remarkable correlation between a series of seemingly unrelated events. And, the connection or harmonization of these events is actually outside the probability of chance or coincidence.  The result is what seems like a quantum leap in awareness (“Eureka”) or perception. Some believe that these experiences, are personal evidence of supernatural intervention or divine communication.  In other words, the Universe is trying to communicate with you.  Does this sound familiar?

In Conclusion

Notice the parallels between the definition of an omen and the definition of synchronicity? Moreover, just like omens, it is up to the observer to recognize the synchronic event.  And, like omens, the meaning of these events depends upon the observer. So, is there really a difference? Synchronicity is simply a more sophisticated way of explaining omens.

One thing is for sure if look for them you are more likely to find them.  How about you?  Have you recognized any omens (synchronic events) in your life recently?

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