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Questions about Enlightenment

Student: Guru Tua, I have some questions about enlightenment.  First, could I expect to have a life-changing enlightenment experience when I first learn Japa or the Siddhis? Why should we learn the other arts like Qigong, Reiki and Shamanic Journey?

Enlightenment is More Often Incremental than Giant Leaps

“First, enlightenment does not always come in giant leaps. It often comes in small almost imperceptible steps. It is possible to have a powerful eureka experience the first time you learn these powerful spiritual technologies.   But, this is not always the case. This is why your teacher talks about what you could expect as a range of possibilities.     Because it sets up expectations that could hinder your ability to learn or use the technique.
More often than not growth is incremental. This is why a spiritual journal, or book of shadows, is important. We do not see how far we have come unless we actually see the progress in our thoughts, experience, and practice. We often fail to see the small incremental changes of presence in our lives. And, we also can spot trends in thinking or behavior that will help us adjust our practice. Having a hand-written document of our experience is an invaluable tool.

Enlightenment Comes Through Many Processes and Many Ways

Secondly, it is very important to learn all of the spiritual technologies.  These processes work together in a synergistic way.  For example, someone comes to learn Japa meditation.  But, while in the learning process they are also taught Qigong, and the healing arts as well. They had no idea that they had a natural inclination for these gifts.  Their experience of Japa is enhanced by the practice of these other arts. The profound presence they gain from Japa along with energy collection of Qigong provides energy to help others through the healing arts.  The Shamanic Journey gives insight into the use of all spiritual tools. Each technique enhances the other.”  ― Guru Tua

Enlightenment is a Neverending Process

Enlightenment is a neverending journey. As a result, you never “get there.”  You are always on the path.  Every “Eureka” experience leads to greater awareness, which in turn leads to more growth and more options.  Yes, more questions and more lessons. Furthermore, everyone is different.  Hence, everyone has their own way of awakening. There are a variety of spiritual tools or technologies for this specific purpose.  People have been investigating and exploring consciousness for eons.  This is the essence of spiritual exploration which involves the application of the spiritual tools/technologies to expand awareness and open the doors of consciousness.   These spiritual technologies stand up to the test of science as having repeatable common experiential phenomena.

What are the Spiritual Technologies? These include:

  • The correct application of both deductive and inductive reasoning along with several “logical tools” to sharpen the ability to discern fact from fiction
  • The Study of The Enneagram Personality Profile to gain an understanding of the mechanisms of our personality and instincts
  • Progressions of seated meditation from basic Mindfulness Centering exercises through Japa Meditation = (Transcendental Meditation) and the Siddhis of Patanjali
  • Progressions of moving meditation and energy collection including (Qigong, Tai Chi),
  • Healing modalities (Pejut, Reiki, and Shiatsu)
  • Awareness expansion pathways like Lucid Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey

In Conclusion

If this conversation resonates with you check out the blog for more interesting subjects.   Learn about the blended learning process we use to teach the tools listed above.  It’s all part of what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey.  Want to learn these tools in the comfort of your own home?   Check out the learning options.  Our page under FAQ has answers to the most frequently asked questions. All images by Unsplash

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