Achieving Oneness

Oneness is state of mind where you can live and extend genuine peace and compassion.  This is the type of world we’d all love to live in. And, it’s not out of reach. Achieving oneness is essential for the world to move beyond its current state of conflict.  Let’s examine how you can help the world move in this direction.

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The Craft and its History

What makes the term ‘the craft’ taboo in some circles?  Let’s examine the reasons why.

“The craft is the artful application of intention through ritual. Our Intention is like a muscle. You develop your intention by practicing it through meaningful ritual.  Intention infused with personal meaning and emotion is a life-changing force.”— Guru Tua

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The Rainbow of Consciousness

“Attempting to define the landscape of consciousness is like separating the colors of a rainbow.  There are a multitude of possible shades.” ―  Guru Tua ✫*¨`*✶♪.¸¸.✻ღ

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