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Get to know our team

Although our organization is based in the United States, we have partners around the globe.  We also have a Facebook Page and group devoted to the support of our mission.

We use the Facebook forum to post various types of articles and quotes that our members use in their own practice.  The topics of these posts range from encouragement, and informative, to humorous and thought-provoking.  We’ll be posting some excerpts on Facebook from larger articles which will be housed here on our website.

We are the product of necessity and 30 years of practical hands-on research and practice. We began as a group of seekers in the late 1970’s researching al different types of methods for exploring consciousness.  So, we divided up the options and then reported back on what we learned.  This became the basis for the development of the blended learning process we employ.

We discovered that many of the legitimate spiritual enhancing techniques were all structured to provide the best learning outcomes. Several of us went into teaching and corporate learning professions and validated that, in fact, the ancient technologies had sound foundations. The result, the blended learning process enabling people from all backgrounds and levels to learn, and share.